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Night talk at KINERUKU

Assalamualaikum.. Hi again, pals!  Last night, my long-time highschool friend came visiting me. We were on the same school but different grade. We haven't met like months and last night, we decided to hang out in a place that we've never visited before.  I basically like to visit a new place. Well, this one wasn't a really new, but I just got a chance to visit it last night. Here we go! It's KINERUKU, took place on Jl. Hegarmanah (I totally forgot the number cause we're too busy reading on the maps :p) The first thought came up on my mind at that time was ..... 'Sepi bingit ini jalanan~' hahaha Ya maybe because it was raining at that time so people tend to stay inside their warm house.  It's not really difficult to find it. From Dago, it only took 15 minutes to get there. So, when I arrived there, I saw a really beautiful garden. (I forgot to take the picture of the garden. Hikss) The place is sooo cozy, warm, and yes it's a beautiful house we saw th