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[Beauty Review] Herborist Body Butter Zaitun

Assalamualaikum fellas.. I met this friend of mine when I was teaching in STIKes Aisyiah Bandung. After we finished our dzuhur prayer together, she applied this product to her hands and the first time popped in my mind is 'Gosh.. it smells so good.. what's that?' I was so curious and I bought one in Herborist counter Ciwalk for only Rp 17.000 I've heard this brand before but I didn't put my attention to that (I was actually not so sure about this product at first). The packaging has 80 g. Really easy to be carried, travel friendly. When you open it, you can immediately smell the olive oil. The smell is so soft yet it can last in a really long time. I used this product before I teach at 7 a.m and I still can feel the smell in the afternoon <3 The texture of the product is a bit sticky (yes because it's a body butter) with sheer green color. But the product absorbed easily after you apply it. This product contains beeswax which helps to moistu

Homemade RICE MASK (to brighten your skin)

Hollaaa pals.. here I am again with all of those assignments waiting to be done. But I still spend my time to write for pleasure <3 Today I'm going to share my very first experience in using a homemade mask. The idea of homemade mask comes up after I face a really complicated problem between my skin and my wallet (how is that even possible?) So, in the last few years, I actually have nothing to do with my tropical skin. I was thinking to go to a skincare clinic and BOOM, the result was good but it killed my wallet T.T.  So then, I tried to find another way to get my skin done. Rather than talk about my wallet, I decided to  have this random 'belief' of my own: 'Everything that comes naturally will be way much better than the chemical one'. hahahaha... After I google here and there, I found many really useful posts about homemade skincare. I actually forgot where did I find that post, so I try so hard to remember the recipe. However, with a little experiments,

what's your favorite teaching experience in a new class?

Hi guys, this is actually my first post in my entire life about teaching. enjoy! Well, maybe teaching is not my passion (yet) but since God has chosen this path for me, I’m trying as hard as I can to be a good teacher :))) Sooo I'm not a very well trained teacher, I struggle sooooo hard in handling the students. Especially in a large class. Yet, my very first teaching experience wasn't that bad (actually it was really fun :D). As usual, I start the new class with the introduction. I introduced my self to my students in a really usual way like 'Hi guys.. nice to see you all, we've never met before.. My name's Lady' and bla bla bla... Seriously, I got sooo nervous and I don't know how to introduce myself in other 'cool' way.  After that, I asked them to introduce themselves too by mentioning their name, their interest, and so on. At first, they gave me their name and their address like 'My name's Nabil. I live in Batununggal 11'