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Homemade RICE MASK (to brighten your skin)

Hollaaa pals.. here I am again with all of those assignments waiting to be done. But I still spend my time to write for pleasure <3
Today I'm going to share my very first experience in using a homemade mask. The idea of homemade mask comes up after I face a really complicated problem between my skin and my wallet (how is that even possible?)
So, in the last few years, I actually have nothing to do with my tropical skin. I was thinking to go to a skincare clinic and BOOM, the result was good but it killed my wallet T.T. So then, I tried to find another way to get my skin done. Rather than talk about my wallet, I decided to have this random 'belief' of my own: 'Everything that comes naturally will be way much better than the chemical one'. hahahaha...
After I google here and there, I found many really useful posts about homemade skincare.
I actually forgot where did I find that post, so I try so hard to remember the recipe. However, with a little experiments, I finally can have my own recipe to make a homemade rice mask. yay!

There are several things that you need to prepare :
1. Rice powder (I made it myself)
2. Honey
3. Milk

To make the rice powder, first you need to put 3-5 spoons of rice (you don't need much because in the end, it will produce one whole bowl rice powder). Put the rice inside a container and add some water. Keep it one night. After that, take the rice and pound it. The rice should be easier to pound after you keep it for a night. I only use pestle to pound the rice but maybe it'll be better to use blender to have smoother and soft texture of the powder.

After you pound the rice, leave it dry under the sunlight. Voilla! you have the rice powder.
Now the next step is to make the mask!

1. Take 2-3 teaspoons of rice powder
2. Add 1 teaspoon of honey

3. Add 1 teaspoon of milk

4. Mix it all together.

5. Apply gently to your face.
Just remember, the measurement may vary depends on your need. But, don't put too much honey and milk or your mask will end up too fluid and it will be difficult to apply it to your face.

The result I got after using this mask is smoother and brighter skin. yaaaay! I don't need to spend much money to buy those expensive beauty products or to have special treatment in a skincare clinic.

FYI, rice has so many benefits not only for a healthy body but also for your skin. Here is what Dr. Mark Rosenberg said '...rice bran oil, rice bran powder and rice water applied topically can really change the texture and clarity of your skin, smoothing it and brightening dark spots.' You can read the whole fact about rice here
Not only rice, honey also helps to moisture your skin. Whereas milk also popular to brighten and gives healthy nutrition for your body. I'm so in love with these three simple yet essentials ingredients. Also, it is easy to be found in your Mom's kitchen.

Okay guys, I hope this post will be useful for those who admiring a brighter and smoother skin but still want to save your wallet. hehe.. Have a nice day! xoxo


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